What Can Help Us to Choose the Best Web Design Company? 9 Factors that Can Help Us in This Way.

Web design possesses a great deal of importance in today's marketing and business. But how can we prove this claim?! Well, thousands of websites are being designed by and delivered to their owners annually. But, of course, besides all these web design services, search engine optimization (SEO) plays an essential role in a website's ranking and visibility based on the searched-for keywords and phrases by the users. Therefore, a considerable number of web design companies offer SEO besides web design services and support. Thus, business owners such as companies or institutions are searching for web design companies capable of designing a functional and attractive website. But, on the other hand, too many of these companies are out there. You only have to take a quick look to find out; ads in newspapers or other publications, and even online ads. They all can show you tens even hundreds of these web design companies, of which some of them claim they can design your website at an affordable price! BUT, there's a big but attention! But, he main point in the world of web design is the quality of a website. Technically, many of those who deal with websites consider these factors to count a website as a high-quality one: Attractiveness of the website (UI design) Programming the website and data base Proper function of the website Loading speed of the website Website's security (mostly against the hackers) Optimizing the website (SEO) Appropriate supporting Undoubtedly, customized web design companies would apply all the abovementioned factors in the websites they design in the best way possible. Not to mention that considering the main elements in customized web design gives a big hand in offering web design services. But the objective is to choose the best web design company among all the existing ones. In other words, how to select the best web design company? In this article, we are to represent some of the essential points you have to consider to choose the right web design company so that the outcome would be satisfactory. Therefore, pay close attention to each of the factors, while considering them, and try to research about each of them beforehand the contract:

#1. Try to Find Out if the Company Really Exists!

Being a "real" customized web design company should be your top priority for selecting a web design company. Unfortunately, some web developers personally initiate a website, and after finalizing it, they refer to an imaginary web design company. Giving the web design job to a web developer without a team has a lot of collateral damage, especially when it comes to support issues. Furthermore, a single person cannot control all the aspects of a website and do them in the best way possible. Therefore, web design requires teamwork. Each person is operating in a particular area; for example, a graphic designer would design the website's outlook attractively, or the programmer would do the website's coding and so on. You cannot find someone with expertise in all of these areas (i.e. someone who is a professional graphic designer and at the same time an experienced programmer). Therefore, while searching for a web design company, be careful that the company is operating as a team or not.

#2. Check Out the Previous Projects Done by That Company.

You can find out about people's performance and abilities to look at their resumes or the projects they've already done. This criterion also works for the world of the web and the performance of web design companies. Therefore, we recommend that before you contract with a web design company, first, keep in mind to investigate the previous projects done by them. Afterwards, decide whether they are the company you want to work with. Best web design companies are not afraid to show you the projects they've done; on the contrary, they are eager to prove that they are experts, and you can easily trust them with your web design. Note that having done many projects, or better to say, attractive projects, does not necessarily show that a web design company is professional and the best option to choose. On the other hand, sometimes doing too many web design projects in very little time can represent a low-quality web design with pre-designed frameworks.

#3. DO NOT Trust Every Website That Appears on the First Page.

Despite what people think, being on the first page is not a determining factor for a website's 100-percent credibility. When we search for keywords such as "web design" or "web design companies," Google doesn't necessarily show the best websites. We should keep in mind that certain websites can get a ranking by optimizing their content or even spend money on a thing such as backlinks or ads to pop up on the first page when a user searches for a particular keyword. Nonetheless, none of these means that the company is the best and all websites they've designed already are high-quality. Sometimes the reverse is correct too. In other words, we have websites that are shown on the second or third page but offer excellent services even better than those that came on the first page. Being on the first page is sometimes a negative point due to a high number of requests for web design, most of the pages on the first page show costly prices for an ordinary web design. Also, because of the large volume of customers, you may face indigent supporting services. Thus, to choose a good web design company, consider several factors and do not rely on the pages shown on the first page.

#4. Ask the Chosen Company about Their Applied Technologies & Programming Language.

The world of websites is constantly changing. Nowadays, every day, we are witnessing new technologies emerge, of which each has a considerable impact on the world of the web and the Internet. During the last two decades, web designing with the latest versions of Html, CSS, and Javascript language along with the libraries (such as Jquery, Mootools, Vue JS, react js, etc.) presented for that, has been a big help for the development of the world of the web. So far, using this equipment has helped many programmers and graphic artists to design more functional and more attractive websites. Also, using proper programming languages such as PHP, C#, and Python and utilizing appropriate databases such as SQL, My SQL, Server, and Oracle db have modified the function of the websites so far. Thus, using the latest and the best designing and coding technologies plays a vital role in web design. That is why we always recommend you ask the company regarding this matter. Right now the best web design technology is Microsoft's ASP.NET. However, utilizing this framework has its specific methods, but the best option now is using MVC because of being the latest method and having ample facilities. You can ask NOROCAN all the questions you have regarding this matter. Web designing technologies such as MVC maximizes web developments and future updates; for your website would never be old and out of service.

#5. Web Design Cost; Yeah Really Important but It's Not Everything That Matters!

Web design costs depend on several factors such as the company's policies, designing costs, personnel, and the like. You should know that not every web design company with really high prices necessarily delivers well-designed and high-quality websites. Some companies may ask their customers for really high prices to design elementary websites that are only "attractive" and without foresight. It is also possible that some companies design poor websites with almost zero function and ask for a low price which isn't worth it. For instance, if you ever encounter ads recommending a web design with less than 500$, never believe that they will design a functional website for you. Their websites may lack quality and may have used pre-designed CMS like Joomla or WordPress instead of developing them professionally. Consequently, these companies cannot fulfill your long-term desires regarding your website, and the possibility of different problems and constraints for your website would increase. Pre-designed CMS like WordPress and Joomla are, in fact, free platforms through which anyone can start a website. Therefore, it wouldn't be reasonable to pay an arm and a leg for these. On the other hand, cooperating with professional programmers is not very affordable. So, we can claim that not necessarily expensive websites are perfect, nor a customized website isn't very cheap. Money issues are always problematic, and they are really sensitive too; therefore, to make it easier to decide NOROCAN offers free consult for your convenient.

#6. WARNING: Take SEO Seriously!

SEO or website optimization is critical. Having a good website doesn't make it beneficial. Instead, you should promote your website's content in a visible way when users search for a particular keyword or phrase. For example, if you have a website that offers services web design, your content writer (in some cases you) should compose the content to contain the keyword "web design" proportionally and adequately to be shown immediately after the user clicks search. SEO will be your hand toward this objective. Every number-one web design company has a powerful SEO team that brings your website to the second page first and then pulls it up to the surface of the endless ocean of Google, just like a lifeguard! Note that visiting your website benefits your business in many ways: better accessibility for your customers. It can highly increase the times your website was visited, which can ultimately result in long-term prosperity for your website. Therefore, we always suggest that you consider SEO for your website in every step while choosing or even contracting with a web design company for SEO doesn't result overnight. Still, in the long-term, it can revolutionize your website regarding visibility and ranking.

#7. The Blog in the Web Design Company's Website, have a lot to Say!

Mostly it is not noticed, but the blog on the company you decide to cooperate with for your web design is one the clues of them being professional. The blog is about how web design companies can elaborate on the procedures that undertake to develop a website. So, when you enter the company's website, remember checking out its blog. It has a lot to say about the team's perspective and how they visualize the process of the web design. After you start reading their articles, check if they are novel or just a bunch of copies taken from other web design websites. If they do not assign time to write helpful articles for their audiences and copy them from another website, their attitude might be the same towards web designing. Not to mention that reading the articles in the blog will help you choose the ideal web design company with an open view.

#8. Previous Customers' Inquiry!

People! CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! It is, without a doubt, one of the determining factors for the credibility of a particular website, no matter what area they are operating in. whether it is about clothes, food, I don't know technology. Whatever! Usually, e-commerce websites have a section for their customers to comment about the product they purchased, whether they were satisfied or not. But if a website lacks this part, ask the company to help you contact some of their previous customers and ask them about that particular web design company's performance. For example, is their website performing/responding correctly? How was their behavior? And such questions. Also you ask them if they were satisfied with the final prize or not. These inquiries will help you guarantee your decision regarding cooperating with a particular web design company.

#9. Meet the Team Face to Face, Really Important!

As another characteristic for a customized web design company, when you asked them for face-to-face meetings, they would eagerly set a time to do so. These meetings are win-win. Both sides can negotiate about costs, technical issues, and supporting matters while talking about their expectations. Besides they can have a positive interaction and know each other better! BOOM! In these meetings, clients can ask their questions and share their views regarding web design. Usually face to face meetings result in a bond between the clients and the designing team, which consequently can facilitate web design. Also, you can say what expectations and make the most of it from the professional consults the web design company has. When you set the time to meet your team face to face, do not waste your time on the worthless thing since you can gain insight into the procedure your website is about to undertake, and there are many more significant matters you can talk about.

To Wrap It Up…!

The foundation of your website entirely depends on the company you choose to work with. that is why NOROCAN has prepared this article for your more information regarding this vital choice. Of course, our free consult is available whenever you desire. So take the factors mentioned above under consideration and GOOD LUCK!