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How Social Media Can Be Helpful in Online Business Development?

Do you know how many people would search social media for a specific product or a particular brand on a daily basis? Well, statistically talking, over 40% of people will surf social media to see whether a brand is credible enough or a product is worthy of purchasing. Based on these data, we can claim that social media is operating as the heart of the digital world these days, and nobody can deny its influence on marketing. So, one of the ways you can be seen locally and globally is through social media and relative services such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Popularity in social media is nothing to be achieved overnight. It has many ups and downs; thus, you need masters to promote your website and brand on social media. NOROCAN has the experience of designing websites and social media endorsement for over 20 years now. We undertake several steps to create your social media profile professionally. First, we have to comprehend your business essence and objectives. Why do you want people to see you, and what is the significance of your business? After that, we set up a plan and employ the required methods to create your social media profile in the best way.

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NOROCAN team has special specialty in promoting social media profile for businesses to be seen worldwide!

Let's Exemplify to Clarify!

Okay! Now I want to make my point clear by giving you an example. Beforehand, we all know that one of the most popular social media is Instagram, with over a billion users worldwide. Imaging you recently got the website for your shoe business. Although you have excellent SEO, your rank doesn't improve as fast as you expected. You start a business page on Instagram and pay for some already-known pages to advertise your business.
Provided that your shoes are affordable and made of good material, followers will flood to your page. In the end, for purchasing, they would have to visit your website. The rest is simple mathematics!

Eventually, It Is Time to Count the Merits of Social Media.

First things first! Social media is especially beneficial for a website's visibility. As I explained in the previous example, social media can increase the visibility of your website. Secondly, when you post something, your customers can give their feedback in the comments and it can increasingly improve your Conversion Rate (CR), although sometimes it has negative consequences. You have the opportunity to interact with your customers and see what they want from your business. You can also improve your sales on social media, although it is better to ask them to choose and buy the product or service they want on your website.

Common Questions

We have been designing websites for over 20 years.
Each project is different, from 500$ to 50,000$. Rest assured that NOROCAN offers the best prices.
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NOROCAN purpose is fulfilling the client's expectations. We offer:
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We will refund the cost. our client's experience and their positive feedback is our honor, listen to them and decide yourself.
It is highly dependent on the project you intend to assign to our company. It can be different from one week to a three-month duration.
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