Lupinus Nails

A salon where you can have your dreamy nails. Dream it and go to Lupinus Nails for delivery.


The user-friendly nature of Lupinus Nails was so important for UI & UX in this project. They wanted this website to be seen by all women who care about their nails' well-being and beauty in Vancouver, so the view was crucial for the website's owner and our company as the designers. We design pages with an attractive strategy for the visitors to spend more time on your website. It takes expertise and experience to transmit the feeling of being in nature over a design on websites.


Search engine optimization or SEO is one of our basics for web design here in NOROCAN. Lupinus Nails is a website offering nail treatment and beauty services. Naturally, when you search for something related to nail services, Lupinus Nails must place at the top. Our efforts are in this way to build a good SEO for your websites.

Design & Development

NOROCAN web design and development team tests the developed and optimized website pages with Analytic tools to hand over to you a well-organized website in every case. For Example in Lupinus Nails, we tried to include every possible nail service and present it in the most attractive way that can catch any lady's attention easily


The website's vision is to introduce all nail-related services to the seekers out there, whether nail therapy or design. Plus, we have designed this website to convince the visitors to purchase the services they choose from Lupinus Nails' menu. It turns out to be NOROCAN purpose of making sure visitors will get the most of it on Lupinus Nails when they search for a particular nail-related service in Vancouver.