Key Elements of Custom Web Design in 2022

 What do we need for a custom web design in 2022? An excellent graphic design is one of the key elements. The main design of a website tells the story of that page and its objectives. Experience has shown that users would appreciate a little creativity. However, excessive use of graphics and applying some particular designs that aren't common among people will negatively result. In general, a good design is a combination of creativity, not being a copy of other websites, and respecting some regulations and constraints.
Of course, web design regulations will change whenever the users' tastes would change. For instance, a few years back, using colourful backgrounds was a common thing in web design. While, nowadays, it has been replaced with white space, good content, sharp images, and attractive texts.
As another example, a few years before, having many pages was a principle, while now having fewer pages is intended. We can claim that using smartphones as a search tool was started and grew very fast. Users prefer to scroll down one page instead of opening new ones. Therefore, the lesser the pages, the quicker the results would show up –in cellphones.
Generally saying, the design should be considered according to the users' time and taste. However, some elements and principles in web design to which you pay enough attention definitely can help the website look highly appealing and professional.
Three significant elements that should be integrated into every web design:
1. Attractiveness
2. Easy Navigation
3. Functionality

Now, Let's See How Simplicity Matters in Customized Web Design?

The design must be as simple as possible, without any unnecessary complexity in users accessing the information they need. In a customized web design, it is essential to know that it is a website's concept and originality that makes a website unique and professional, not its appearance and complexity. As one may say, "simplicity is the beauty." Of course, it was told about humans' appearances, but it is also correct about the websites if you look closely. When designing the website's architecture, especially in designing the User Experience (UX), it is crucial that everything be simple, easily accessible, and utilized. One of the best examples in this regard is Google's website ( When you enter this website, you would first see the logo, the searching box, and different website features which users can easily access. However, not all the website can integrate simplicity in their design, the reason why we bring the previous example is to say that it is possible to design a simple website which in the same time it is professional and popular.
Another example of this kind of website is Entering this website, you will notice no graphics, but big high-quality images are used! Using this strategy, the website aims at showing its best products to the users right after they entered the site. Clever right?!

User Interface –the Appearance of a Custom Web Design

User Interface (UI) is, in fact, the appearance of a website. The appearance of the website should be in line with its objectives and functions. Sometimes, it is necessary to use visual subjects such as images and videos in the UI or utilizing various colours in the design of another website. Note that the previous point regarding simplicity is related to the User Experience (UX), which is different from UI.
The proportion between UX and UI is critically essential. On the one hand, we should design your websites with attractive colour schemes and graphics to appeal to the users. On the other hand, the appearance should remain simple so that the users find their way through the pages and won't be confused. One of the primary factors in custom web design is to maintain the proportion between UX and UI. Simple but important!

Search Engine Optimization & Custom Web Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated but functional topic. Every custom website should pay close attention to SEO to compete with other websites and place them on the first pages of search engines like Google. Many factors affect SEO or optimizing the website, but we can plan and integrate some of these influential factors in the web design process.
As a web design team, if we consider SEO from the beginning, we will technically be able to save you a considerable amount of time and SEO budget. NOROCAN is entirely dominant on SEO and will do its best to first make your web design project and SEO as affordable as possible. Then, help your website climb the stairs one by one and ultimately stand on top of search results.

Fonts & Custom Web Design

One of the details related to custom web design which often overlooked by the designers is the font. The font size is important in many ways of which one can define the next part.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Responsive web design isn't only about being responsive to mobile views but also includes 3D buttons, and readable fonts are essential. In general, a custom website should be designed to be both well-shown on mobiles and tablets and easily accessed by the users. This quality comprises the user consumed data and the loading speed. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you have two options:
1. Redesign your layout to be adaptable for mobiles.
2. Design a separate setting that is specifically used for mobiles (adaptive web design)

Why Loading Speed is Important for a Custom Web Design?

The faster the loading speed, the lesser the bounce rate. These factors can help the UX improve and modify the Google ranking. Researches have shown that websites, especially E-commerce websites, with high loading speed have the most customers which 90% of them end up purchasing a service or product. All the website NOROCAN designs have an optimal loading speed which can be satisfactory for your visitors.

Call to Actions & Custom Web Design

Call to action (CTA) are, in fact, parts of the website inviting the visitors to do something, such as registering, adding their E-mails, ask their questions, and so on. If you want to ask your website's visitors to do something (i.e., the previous examples), make your request simple and to the point.
Years ago, sliders and animated pictures were primary elements of web and CTA design. The reason behind that was a psychology principle; animated components are the very first things to be noticed by humans. Nonetheless, now humans' attitude towards animated features has changed. In other words, animated components in websites are considered advertisement tools, and consequently, they are ignored. Thus, when the users' attitude towards a particular feature changed, the web design principles regarding that very feature should change simultaneously. In today's world, simplicity is the element through which you can easily convey your website's point and improve its visibility.

Considering the Content System While Designing a Custom Website

The website's content encompasses many things such as texts, images, videos, and the like. In custom web design, it is important to pay attention to the content organization and placement and even the way you upload it. This factor is essential for the website's SEO and ranking and meeting the users' expectations. Thus, the designer company should focus on content management from the beginning, and the direction of uploading should be simple and not problematic.

Final Word..!

Sometimes it may seem that only big web design companies are able to provide their website with acceptable content due to the high prices of web design; but, the truth is your website is capable of gaining you credibility and customers even more than what you paid for its design in the first place. Be Grateful for God's Sake! Currently, the websites that NOROCAN has designed so far have incredible features such as on-page SEO, functional optimization and high speeds, UX and UI design appropriate for the brand, and utilizing the latest web design technologies in the world. All the mentioned characteristic of our work has resulted in better sale and income for the website owners with an affordable price for the web design. In case of having any questions regarding web design and its costs, contact us!