How to Have a Successful E-Commerce Website?

There are some points during and after an e-commerce web design that can highly affect the website's prosperity and Conversion Rate (CR). Thus, before starting an online business and developing a website for it, keep in mind to identify all the factors that can improve your CR (turning your website's visitors into buyers). Provided that you are an experienced online business owner, you have definitely tested many elements in order to increase the number of your website's visitors and potential buyers. Elements such as the place where you upload the pictures of the goods, the changes you make in the headings, buttons and many other factors. If your tests were not fruitful, you should be aware that more serious issues have kept your website from becoming successful.
In this article we are to identify some of this problems and suggest some possible solutions for them of which you can use to design a new e-commerce website or renew the already existing one. Stay with us!

Failure to Pursue the Changes

You don't necessarily have to utilize complicated systems in order to test, measure and assess the extent to which each change has affected the CR. You can do it with an excel file or even on a piece of paper. The important thing is to pursue the changes consciously and then wait for the results. Analyzing the outcomes means checking your website every moment regarding traffic (number of visitors) and CR (visitor to buyer ratio).
What you must keep in mind during and after an e-commerce website design is prioritizing the approach through which you can improve your sale, even if it makes the number of your website's visitors collapse.
For instance, uploading images big in size can reduce your website's visitors' number because it directly affects your website's loading speed and users hate to wait. If the loading speed of a given website decreases, it can tangibly reduce the traffic of the site. On the other hand, including big high-quality images on a website can increase the number of customers seeking more information and better views of the product. Therefore, big and high-quality pictures can inspire them and encourage them to purchase.

Wrong Choice of Background Colour

Researches have shown that colours can psychologically empower or decrease some of the human's emotions. Colours, without a doubt, can make an excellent first impression on your website's visitors. For example, designing an e-commerce website with blue pages and white background can convey a sense of trust among the visitors that they can purchase a product without any fears about fraud.
One practical approach is to design a website with a significant but simple and bright colour scheme, which was successful in terms of psychology and not tedious for the users. In any case, if your e-commerce website is not successful enough, you can check the choice of colour you have for its background.

Utilizing CAPTCHA

The truth is, nobody likes using websites with a lot of spam, pop-ups and of course, CAPTCHA. In fact, in every registering form, sending email, membership in a bulletin or anywhere else in a website where you have used CAPTCHA, and the user is asked to write the not-so-very-clear numbers or letters may damage your CR and drop it. The reason websites use CAPTCHA in the first place is to identify human users. Also, some security issues; for example, they want to ensure that no spam emails are sent, and a human being has filled the forms. However, this matter sometimes makes the user run away from the website.
We offer two solutions for that:
1. Temporarily cut the CAPTCHA, which may cause you to receive spam emails, but it is worth it since it helps your website's traffic and CR revive again.
2. Using a more user-likely CAPTCHA like reCAPTCHA (Google owns it, it is free but with limited functions) and NuCAPTCHA (the Canadian company NuData owns it in the form of videos).

The Type and Size of the Font

The type and design of the website's font have a great impression on absorbing users; that is why we need to pay close attention to choosing a user-friendly and attractive font from the beginning of the project.
When you are worried about your website's success, you should reconsider every significant and minor aspect of your online business. One of these aspects is the website's font. When the font is too small, it causes boredom. Consequently, users will make their purchase on another website, probably with a proper font.
Of course, today's browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla will automatically set the font, but many users are not aware of this option. Experience has shown, users would react differently to different fonts. For example, you can use a different font for the heading than other texts on an intended page (nevertheless, we recommend you not to use more than three fonts on a website.). Identifying the ideal font for your website requires trial and error. Fortunately, the NOROCAN team has enough experience to know what font is the best for each website to design a website that completely meets the customer's expectations.

Responsive E-commerce Web Design

Responsive web design is one of the vital factors in an e-commerce website. According to global estimations, over 35% of the websites are visited via smartphones and tablets. This number is increasing day by day. If your website wouldn't be shown on the screens of mobiles and tablets correctly (not being responsive) and it isn't mobile-friendly, it can quickly lose its potential customers. That is why during years of operating, NOROCAN company always has design websites (whether e-commerce or not) with the principle of being responsive. That cannot be counted as a merit for our company; on the contrary, our team feels duty-bound to design responsive websites to guarantee professionalism.

SEO for E-Commerce Website

Nowadays, due to the increasing number of web searches, especially those done through Google, e-commerce websites' SEO has turned into a practical approach to enhance your sale. Search Engine Optimization or SEO means integrating different factors and principles in the coding or content. By doing so, you would manage your website to come on the first page of Google when users search for particular keywords or expressions. That is why choosing the right keywords matters.
There is intense competition between websites due to the extraordinary influence SEO has on increasing sales. Therefore, an ideal SEO needs an adequate budget and ample time to be built, which is totally worth it because it will guarantee your position on the first page of Google.

Organizing the Comment Box of an E-Commerce Website

How much time does it take to read people's opinions about a particular product? The answer to this question will surprise you! This matter is routed in the history of the human being which praise other people's opinion more than the exaggerated fake ads. Thus, organizing the comment box in way that the customers can express their opinions easily will represent your online store even more professional.
Moreover, customers' comments cause the visitors to stay more on your website to read the comments; consequently, your ranking in Google would be better optimized.

To Conclude...

The main objective of every e-commerce website is to sell products. By integrating all the factors, I mentioned earlier, you can improve your website's CR. E-commerce website are complicated enough, also, when the proportions of the market and economics change, they add up to this complexity. Thus, admins of e-commerce websites should always be aware of the changes made in their site's CR, and accordingly make the right decisions.