Why Custom Web Design Instead of Pre-Designed CMS.

Many of our customers' first question is "why should we order a custom web design instead of pre-designed CMS?" Custom web designing, in fact, means: first, the company you've assigned your web design to proceeds all the steps in web design professionally. Then, the company should customize your website considering all the true desires you have regarding your online business, your second persona (i.e. customers), and achieving some other objectives.
Some of the so-called custom web design companies show you a beautifully designed website to gain your trust and attention, but being custom is beyond that. Of course, aesthetics can be practical for your website's promotion, but custom web designing should be based on pre-determined needs and objectives to make a business successful. In addition to the attractive appearance, the company does the job correctly, impresses the audience, and facilitates achieving the goals of that particular business.
Some of the most significant objectives of web design is:
Growth in sail (i.e. products or services)
Increasing the number of visitors
Increasing the number of followers
Informing the users quickly
Introducing new product or services quickly
Welcoming more and more potential customers and improving in marketing
Building superiority over traditional competitors
Building trust among the customers
Modifying the support status for the products or services provided
Increasing customers' satisfaction
Collecting useful data about the customers for long-term and short-term plans
Creating a web office to use the enormous marketing facilities
Facilitating the sale, receiving consult, and collecting information from the customers
Optimally using the services provided in customer club
But why custom web design is so important? Every website, in fact, follows some particular objectives based on the kind of business, customers being general or specific, the history of that business and the policy they have, and so on.
One of the most important or, better to say, the primary objectives of any organization or institution is developing their sale and improving their business. A custom web design company gives you the chance to benefit from the endless capacity of the online world to look for potential customers. Gain insight into the requirements the company has, and then introduce your business more professionally.
All the objectives I mentioned earlier are achievable only if you find a web design company that operates professionally and has an expert and creative team.

It Is Not Possible to Customize Websites with Pre-Designed CMS!

There is no place for designing a website with frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, and the like when it comes to custom web design. But why is that? Because these websites can customize the website and the changes the owners can apply to these websites are limited to some appearance changes and some other superficial changes. Plus, designing websites with pre-designed CMS such as WordPress doesn't require much programming knowledge. It can be done by small companies or even individuals who cannot analyze complicated programming projects. Therefore, they don't follow the procedure professionally.
All the modules and facilities used in WordPress and Joomla are programmed by individuals who have no idea about your business. They only want to present a general ability that can be used in all kinds of websites. However, customized web design allows you to achieve all your pre-determined goals by applying all the facilities to create a unique characteristic for the site.
In the midterm, WordPress websites will cause many problems for organizations, no matter big or small. To mention one of them, being hacked easily due to its open-source. The programming language in WordPress and Joomla is PHP. No matter where they locate, every individual in the world can access the main source of these websites. The essence of these websites was programmed to be easily accessed for anyone to create new modules and abilities. But for hackers, the drawback changes into merit! They can quickly steal information and remove these kinds of websites out of reach; with only a few clicks! Of course, in-time updates and perpetual care can considerably save your website from these hazards, but anyway, WordPress and Joomla websites are more likely to be hacked than other kinds of websites.
Interference of some modules and facilities and disability of some features after a new ability was added are some of the other problems that all WordPress and Joomla website owners may face. Unfortunately, Companies that design websites with pre-designed CMS (i.e. WordPress and Joomla) keep these flaws a secret from their clients.
The only advantage of pre-designed CMS is their low prices and the little time they take to be prepared. And that is ultimately why these websites became popular. For, anybody can have a WordPress or Joomla website with any budget and, even in some cases, completely free. But, ATTENTION! No cheap website can be custom.

Pros & Cons of Custom Web Design

Custom websites have many advantages, provided that they are designed and implemented correctly and principled. In that case, they can be a big help for your business's prosperity and achieving the company's different objectives, whether in the real or online world.


- No constraints regarding integrating new abilities and facilities.
- Very high and guaranteed security of the page.
- Paying particular attention to a specific group of people who provide a significant proportion of your income.
- Correct and principled coding fitting to your business type and objective from the beginning of the design.
- Save time and money for SEO since our websites are SEO-based.
- Utilizing the latest technologies, which guarantees your website's quality and security for many years.
- Professional and effective branding
- Using the most up-to-date researches in the world to make the most and the best impression.


- Very high prices due to the use of new technologies and high quality.
- Requiring more time compared to pre-designed CMS websites.
- A little bit greater costs for maintenance and annual renewal compared with WordPress websites.

Some Points about Designing Service Websites:

Service websites are, in fact, designed to introduce a particular company, organization, and institution for the services they can provide. In order to create service websites, we should take some factors under consideration, which are highly related to the kind of services that a specific organization offers.
In the following, we will discuss the characteristics of some common service websites, which of course have a custom web design:

1. Custom Web Design for Airline Agencies:

In order to design a custom website, we should pay attention to some points about the intended company and business. Also, take the needs of their customers under consideration. Some of these points are general, but some of them are specifically related to your company. For instance, to design a custom website for an airline agency, we should pay attention to some general points:
- Easy definition of the packages by the admin.
- High speed in finding the best packages by the user.
But, every airline agency can have specific points too:
- Particular focus on special tours like European tours.
- Using colour scheme for branding.
- Absorbing their customers' attention to the discounts they have for exceptional hotels.
- Gaining attention to observe social media.
- Providing customized videos for different parts of the website.
- Need for different access levels for several admins.
- Need for increasing or lowering the cost of the tours, hotels and tickets.
- Possibility of advanced search and professional filtering in different parts of the website.
- Showing the least price for every package.
Integrating all these factors is when the power of custom web design and the skills of the programming team of a given web design company start to show themselves.

2. Industrial Custom Web Design:

Websites that are designed for industrial factories or industry-related companies always have fundamental challenges for web designers. Combining industry with a modern website requires a web designing team to be well-experienced. How the elements are put, the combination of colours and other website's features in an industrial website is entirely different from a medical website. An industrial website should convey the sense of being modern and build trust among its customers. Representing the history, experiences, and pictures of the intended factory can benefit the web design process.

3. Medical Custom Web Design:

Medical science covers a vast area, and that is why designing websites in this regard is a bit complicated. But generally, we can divide the medical website into two categories:
1. Cosmetic websites
2. Other medical websites
In order to design a medical website, it is crucial to introduce the physician or the medical team, the history, ways through which one can reserve a doctor appointment, and the like. Also, it is essential to present some pictures of the office or the clinic. In Cosmetic websites, using high-quality photographs and benefiting from the photos of previous clients can help the website convey a better understanding of the applicant's procedure. Furthermore, flawless mobile-friendly access for the users possesses a great deal of importance in medical websites; nowadays, almost every search regarding medical issues is done through smartphones.

4. E-Commerce Custom Web Design:

Any website which provides you with the possibility of making a purchase is an E-commerce website. Sometimes a Service website can be an E-commerce website, too, assigning a part of the website to the sale of a particular service or product. We should consider many factors in order to design an E-commerce website; so that the possibility of its success would increase. When it comes to payments, customers trust rather hard. The best thing to ease this procedure is to assign your web design to a competent company that is professional in the field and has ample experience regarding customized web design.
Some of the necessary features and facilities for a successful E-commerce website:
- Designing the most straightforward navigation for sale can be done through few clicks.
- Designing a simple user panel for the admins.
- The possibility to quickly enter new products and their features in every part of the website for admins.
- The ability to define multiple admins with different access levels for different sections of the website.
- The ability to expand the store in terms of variety, number, features, connection to mobile applications, etc., in the future.
- The ability to compare and filter products based on various definable parameters.
- The ability to increase or decrease prices based on the percentage or remove all the fees (out of stock) with just one click.
- Perform complicated calculations regarding the final price according to the shipping method, discounts, etc., without the slightest mistake.
- Ensuring the security of users' information when purchasing.
- Communicating effectively with customers and positively influencing them.
- UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design based on the store type and the latest technology.
NOROCAN's custom E-commerce web design focuses mostly on simplifying the process of finding and purchasing the products. In other words, the failure of some E-commerce websites is due to their navigation complexity and the complicated process the users have to undertake in order to purchase a product. Moreover, integrating simple patterns for admins and the extent of support services has placed our website amongst the successful E-commerce websites all over Vancouver.