Tsay Keh Dene Nation strives to promote and provide high quality public service, healing and active cultural practices, education and economic sustainability to the Nation and its Membership through sound governance principals and responsible development.

Up to Date Web Design Strategies

Since the website's sphere of activity is around public service, healing, and active cultural practices, education, and economic sustainability related to the territory of TSAY KEH DENE First Nations, the logo and the website's prominent graphic style should convey this to visitors. Because branding is a crucial aspect of a website's digital marketing strategy, the logo must be well-designed. In addition, the whole structure of the website is designed in accordance with the tastes of the beloved customers and is entirely related to the essence of the business they are operating.

Logo & Branding

The logo should be representative of any business. Our professional graphic team has perfectly designed the logo for the TSAY KEH DENE group, which you can read more about its essence on their website.


One of the principles of customized web design is the strategy taken to establish it. Our specialty is in developing a distinctive strategy for your website, which is also an important aspect of digital marketing.

Development & Platform

The more animation and visuals used on a website, the longer the reaction time becomes, which is inefficient for website performance. However, only experienced programming and a robust platform can support these aesthetic aspects. At NOROCAN, we have programmers and developers with years of experience and competence who ensure that the sites are responsive and run smoothly for the users.