Vanisle Fishers

A company you can rely on for your fishing trips on Vancouver Island. The ultimate opportunity to catch both fish and experience.

Website Look & Feel

Vanisle Fishers needed a website that presents various aspects of their fishing trips on Vancouver Island. Having a mixture of documentary pictures and dynamic design can bring an excellent UX to your website. Choosing the right colours in line with the website's field of activity is valuable for consistency and structure. And then we have added SEO to the combination of Vanisle Fishers.


Search engine optimization or SEO is the factor by which a website can be shown to its particular searchers when they search a particular keyword and seek information in that regard. SEO is NOROCAN's specialty, and no second page is defined for our system.


Vanisle Fishers' user-friendly character was critical to the project's UI and UX. They wanted this website to be viewed by all anglers and fishermen on Vancouver Island, whether locals or visitors, therefore an appealing design was essential. We create pages with a compelling strategy to encourage people to spend more time on your site.


Vanisle Fishers' goal is to expose all of the fish species that live in the waters of Vancouver Island, as well as the fishing possibilities available to you. It turns out that NOROCAN's goal is to ensure that visitors to Vanisle Fishers get the most out of their stay while looking for a fish or crab species, or any other fishing opportunity on Vancouver Island.