What is the difference between website design and development?

What is the difference between website design and development?

Website design and development are among the several pillars of digital marketing. These are the terms that we hear the most regarding building a website for business, eCommerce or other purposes.

Design Vs Development

The website building process has different phases. Website development and design are two aspects of the building process, which requires skill sets of its own. The thing is, your website needs an expert in both fields to be receptive and responsive. All the visual features, animations, modules, and layouts, which remain at fixed positions on your website pages, are the website's design. The design itself divides into web and graphics. The web's graphic design is made from design tools and programs such as photo editors, photoshop, and any other professional tools suitable for creating layouts and graphical elements, banners, slide collections, etc. We have a web design that involves the front-end programmers using HTML and CSS to set the positions, sizes and animations for each page's section. All the design happens through the client's expectations and need. In Vancouver, we get the list of expectations, our client's vision and a general map of the website they want, then transfer it to our expert team of designers to make a great look and feel they seek.

Website Design & Development Principles

The fundamental principles in website design are consistency, cohesion, balance, and focus. Design trends and tempers are changing every day. Nowadays, websites are willing to be more minimal. Minimal design designs that focus on simplicity while conveying the concept to the user. Web development, on the other hand, has a different story. Web and graphic design can't apply to website pages unless they have a good platform. Everything that happens through the back end of your website refers to web development and programming. In other words, web development is your website's functionality, how your web pages behave, the events defined for each element, and where the navigation should lead the viewers. HTML and CSS aren't programming languages, but they count as web development. JavaScript, PHP, Python and .NET are the trend languages to use in backend development. Web development is like a soul for the website design. Programmers pour the functionality into the page's design and elements.

Decorate your store!

IF you consider your website as a store, the designing part would be its showcase, and the architecture of the store would be its development. The more architecture is flexible and receptive to changes and brand-new styles, the more it will host graphical elements and responsivity. A website in enormous activity scope needs to have a powerful platform for any future upgrades and development. Although the performance is sensible even by the average users who visit your website, professional users can see clearly how your website is doing. Their level of satisfaction will convince the google bots to rank your pages through SERPs.


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