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How can digital marketing services help your business?

In the past ten years, Marketing has changed a lot; technology has launched us into the age of websites, social media, online video, and Google.
Based on Statista, In January 2020, Canadians spent an average of one hour and 49 minutes per day using social media via any device, and spend almost six hours per day using the internet in general.
Digital marketing is the best way to reach an enormous audience in a way that is more cost-effective and impressive than traditional marketing methods.

NOROCAN offers the best digital marketing services.

NOROCAN Digital Marketing expert team strives to turn general online consumers into paying customers for your business.
Let us be on your side to develop your online marketing strategy to lead your business to a better-known and more successful business by getting more qualified visitors on your website and convert those visitors into leads and sales via focusing on every nuance of your audience's motivations, behaviour, and decision-making. 

Contact us to start a partnership to develop your online marketing.

NOROCAN services

Our digital marketing services include website strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content generation and optimization, re-targeting, social media marketing, Email outreach, affiliate marketing, quality link building, and integrated online marketing strategies. 

Our expert team is ready to set up a business plan to help you grow and develop your business in smart, efficient ways.

digital marketing is more than half of marketing!

digital marketing is more than half of marketing!

NOROCAN team tries to put your business audiences at the center of your brand's story and build strong relationships to turn them from audiences to the clients.

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Vanislander helps you plan for your visit and start an adventure on Vancouver Island. NOROCAN development and design team optimize the content with the specific design that presents a tourism website that attracts visitors through remote landscaping. Whether you aim to discover mountain ranges, water attractions, green nature, or visiting wildlife, here, you can find each section easily due to the user-friendly navigations.

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Claw Mountain Outfitters established in 2007. Today it is well known as a leading adventure tour provider in northern British Columbia. CMO's focus is on adventuring, nature, and hunting. We consider these three elements the main components in our development, design, and content management at NOROCAN. The logo is very influential in website purpose and branding, so we did our best.

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Imperial Mirror Company is The Best Glass Design Company Within the Borders of California, a local company specializing in residential & commercial home products and installation services. Here at NOROCAN, we were about to provide a unique strategy for combining modern and classic designs of products. Visualizing the nature of the mirror into the logo design was one of the unique strategies we used.

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In Oxfordiet, groups of experts gather to offer nutrition and diet therapy activities to have a healthy life. People looking for an adequate diet need to view some intuitive features to feel confident when ordering the diet. NOROCAN examines their activity field and makes the best graphic design features, SEO and content management, and web development to encourage more people to have healthy nutrition.

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Canadaqua is a water treatment company in Canada. Our mission was to present their services, online store, and water treatment projects to the potential clients visiting the website in this project. The design should be attractive and relative enough to induct the activity field's feeling mixed with water, filtration, purification, etc. You can see more of NOROCAN's vision for CANADAQUA development and design.

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What was important for Chu Cho Environmental was their website's visual interface, so we made a minimal design while being receptive to the content inside its design. Managing the SEO structure and design and benefiting from the state-of-art technologies in web development is our specialty in NOROCAN. The website might look simple at first look, but the more you explore, the more you'll find out.

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we have been designing websites for over 20 years.
Each project is different, from 500$ to 50,000$. Rest assured that NOROCAN offers the best prices.
Yes, please Check our portfolio page.
NOROCAN purpose is fulfilling the client's expectations. We offer: • Price Match Guarantee, • Excellent support guarantee, • and in case of insufficient satisfaction, we will refund the cost. our client's experience and their positive feedback is our honor, listen to them and decide yourself.
this answer depends to the projects, takes from one week to three months.
of course, NOROCAN content engineers create perfect content according to your exact requirement. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction and offer fresh, original and unique content.
actually We're the E-Commerce team with the skills and resources to efficiently extend your e-commerce capabilities, trust us to be succeed and grow online.

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