Develop Your Tourism Website in Vancouver, 2021

In order to develop your Vancouver local tourism website based on trending Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web design,magical ingredients for website development in 2021, you should take several steps:

Pour Search Engine Optimization in a bowl and then add up web design; Bake a delicious Vancouver tourism website and let it be shown on the first row of the Google's refrigerator. Ask NOROCAN team to be your aid!

Steps You Should Take Are as Follows:

1) Find out about the keyword research relating to the content you are writing.

2) Create your URL containing your brandand keywords.

3) Write attractive headlines to catch your audiences' attention.
4) Be creative while writing your meta description; for they are the advertisements of your website's content.

5) Benefit from Internal and External links to enhance your website's credibility.

6) Colours have great mental effects, apply them wisely in your web design to encourage your audiences to stay more on your page.

7) Try to gain insights from high-ranked websites which are operating in your field of interest; tourism in your case.

8) Provide mobile-friendly access for the users to multiply your website's clicks (click-through rate).

9) Engineering your content to increase the dwell time and decrease bounce rateas much as possible.

After finalizing your decision to develop a Vancouver local tourism website, you just need to say the word and NOROCAN is there for you!

Last Update: 2021/03/06

Digital marketingexperts such as Brian Dean insisted that a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web design is the key to success in post-pandemic business environment. While an eye catching website can attract visitors and make them spend more time in your website, SEO will make you visible online through keeping you on the surface in the deep ocean of search engine results such as Google. The content developed for SEO purposes also engage your visitors as they’ll learn from your website. You want to learn how this works. Stay with us!

Due to the dynamic nature of tourism as well as e-commerce, you should update your website once in a while. As essential parts of today's business, E-commerce and website development, have helped many people save time and money while searching for tourism products. Therefore, Thus, as a local tourism provider in Metro Vancouver, you need to provide relevant information and services visitors desire in order to succeed in this competitive market.

A well designed website combined with a effective SEO strategy magically promotes your business in the online environment. Such effective design and strategy directs prospective customers into your website. Below, we provide you with SEO tips and steps you should take to build a rewarding website that make your website visible and turns potential customers to active visitors and therefore users of tourism service in Metro Vancouver.

Before going further NOROCAN recommends you to check out our general article on Vancouver Local Business Development first, and then read this article to plan your own Vancouver Tourism Websitedevelopment.

STEP#1: Keywords Discovery for your Vancouver Tourism Website

Keywords are one of the major tools Google uses to recognize the subject of your website and determine the ranking of it based on the relevancy to a particular subject, tourism in your case. Try to find the utmost searched keywords by people and include them properly, while writing the content of your Vancouver tourism website. The more the keywords the more relevant your website can get to tourism. However, note that excessive use of keywords may be harmful to your content and the visibility of your website, so use them wisely.

Keywords You May Benefit from for Your Vancouver Tourism Web Design

Based on the range you are establishing your online tourism business, keywords divide into two basic categories: local and global. In the following tables, some of the relevant keywords and other necessary information are given. You may benefit from them in developing your Vancouver tourism website to not only absorb visitors within the realm of the province itself, but also to attract tourists from all around the world.


Local Vancouver Web Design


Global Vancouver Web design

Keywords Tools

You may use some helpful tools to extract the high-volume keywords you may benefit from in your content. While choosing your keywords consider the fact that the more significant the keyword, the higher your rank may get. These tools are:

PROS & CONS: Utilizing this keyword tool is beneficial to a great extent. It is fast, to the point and easy to use. When you search for a specific keyword, KW Finder will use different SEO metrics to extracts the related searched-for keywords. What's better than having five tools in one? KW Finder provides you with this quality! It has a 10-day free trial that either can be an advantage or a disadvantage. However, it has drawbacks, too; the price for the premium version is not affordable for every pocket, and keyword results are not that broad.

PROS & CONS: As one of the best benefits of this tool, you can extract and analyze the keywords in YouTube, Bing, eBay, Amazon, Instagram, Play Store, and Twitter. Another merit for this tool is the question suggestions based which can create ideas for new articles in your blog. Unfortunately, if you are to use the paid version, the payment should be made for a whole year; of course, if you are a frequent user, it is totally worth it, but if you decide it's not your app, you may ask for a refund before 30 days after your purchase.

PROS & CONS: You put a desired term in the search box, and every detail you must know about the keywords, such as the number of people search for that term, or if it is difficult to rank for it or not, pop up. Furthermore, SEMrush is one tool you can analyze your rival websites and find out about their keywords in use. However, the crawls to find competitors don't have results all the time, and the payments are a bit expensive. Moreover, whether you have an agency or not, only ONE USER may log in to an account.

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STEP#2: Use the Keywords and Brand in your Vancouver Tourism Website's URL to Impress Google!

URLs are the addresses leading to your website. They are not that significant in the SEO of your Vancouver tourism website, but inserting your keywords and the brand you are to name your tourism business can play an influential role in identifying your page's activity by Google. Also, if you aim to create even more SEO-friendly URLs, attempt to write them shortly. Therefore, it may result in the website's ranking and visibility. In your case, try to use Vancouver and Tourism to indicate the location and field in which you are operating; also, make use of your branding to get a ranking when users search about tourism in Vancouver. Create a well-crafted URL for your Vancouver tourism website to let your audiences, whether humans or the search engine itself, know better about the content of your page.

STEP#3: Eye-catching Headlines for your Vancouver Local Tourism Web Design

Headlines are another website component with significant importance; plus, they are the first thing to be shown to the audiences of your website. Headlines are the summaries of what you will present on your Vancouver tourism website; therefore, they should be brief, attractive, and including your keywords. Keep in mind that headlines containing keywords initially cause a significant rise in your Vancouver tourism website ranking. Use the words that you think your tourism audiences would show interest in, and in your case, try to use "tourism" and "Vancouver" to show your field of website activity and declare on which location you are working, respectively. Based on the keyword you are to use, headlines may divide into two categories: local or global.

Some of the Inspiring Headlines for your ...

Local Vancouver Tourism Web Design

Global Vancouver Tourism Web Design

STEP#4: Write Your Meta Description in a Way You Audience Cannot Resist Checking Out Your Vancouver Tourism Website

A meta description is a short snippet that can be up to 155 characters. This piece of writing represents your content briefly and is an essential factor for on-page SEO; therefore, meta description optimization is critical. A user search for a keyword or a phrase provided that your meta description contains that searched-for keyword or phrase your website is shown to the user immediately. Consequently, utilizing related keywords and utmost searched phrases can boost the visibility of your website.

Inspiring Meta Descriptions for your Vancouver Tourism Website

Three Suggested Meta Descriptions for Your Website

STEP#5: Use Internal and External Links for Your Tourism Website SEO to Build Trust

Internal and external links will strongly influence your SEO, and they can ultimately boost the visibility and ranking of your Vancouver tourism website.

 But how do Internal and External links differ, and how can you benefit from them in your Vancouver tourism website?
 Internal links are hyperlinks leading to another page on your website, while external links are hyperlinks leading to other websites which hold an excellent reputation among people.
Internal links cause your audiences to stay more on the website. Thus they would be a customer or even follower. Use internal links as call-to-action (CTA) and invite your audience to surf your website or even book for a tourist service such as nature or recreational tours. Anchor text –the text to which the link is attached- should be a specific keyword or phrase, indicating your field of activity, in your case, tourism in Vancouver. Accordingly, your rank and visibility will be promoted by Google.

 External Links can help your Vancouver tourism website in countless ways; however, if they're misused might harm your content. Linking to an authoritative website relevant to the field you are producing content can be beneficial and improve your website's ranking and credibility. Make your external linking even more valuable and resulting by linking to well-known sites such as TripAdvisor, Booking, and Airbnb.

 Also, you may gain authority by linking news websites covering tourism business' news. "Tourism Vancouver has launched a new free outdoor public activation for Vancouver residents to enjoy in a safe and distanced way…", according to Tourism Vancouver.

STEP#6: Provide Mobile-friendly Access to be Clicked Even More!

Not all users have access to PCs or, in general, desktop settings; therefore, if you want to develop a functional tourism website and increase your click-through rate (CTR), it is best to apply a mobile setting in order to provide easy access for your audiences. Every successful online business is mobile-friendly, particularly in your case (i.e. tourism), mobile accessibility is somehow mandatory. It is usually easier for tourists to do their queries through their cell phones.

STEP#7: Consider Using Colour Psychology in Your Vancouver Tourism Web Design

Colours are emotional cues in content production. They play an essential role in catching the eyes of your audiences. According to 99Desins, previous studies shown, users decide to stay on a page in 90 seconds, and 90% of that decision is determined by the colours used in designing that particular website. You can find further information about how colours can affect web design on 99Designs. Use the tips to embellish your Vancouver tourism website.

STEP#8: Do a Research on the Most Successful Vancouver Tourism Websites to Gain More insight about Your Content

One of the factors that can give ideas about the way you are to design your Vancouver tourism website with an acceptable SEO, is to see how successful local websites operating in the same field are doing. You may benefit from keywords or refer to them to gain authority.
In the following chart, we have extracted some of the successful website in Vancouver Tourism which may be inspiring for your web design and SEO.

Some of the Successful Tourism Websites in Vancouver

Response Time: 0.04 s

 Backlinks: This web page has backlinks from 6,570 referring domains.

 Keywords: Vancouver, Tourism Vancouver, Tourism, Information, Restaurants, Restaurants Things, North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Tourist Information, Vancouver BC Canada, etc.

Response Time: 0.72 s

 Backlinks: This page has backlinks from 465 referring domains.

 Keywords: Vancouver Attractions, IN VANCOUVER, Top Vancouver, best things, Visitor Attractions, Vancouver Maritime Museum, Vancouver Art Gallery, Attractions Pass, etc.

Response time: 0.62 s

 Backlinks: This page has backlinks from 336 referring domains.

 Keywords: Tour, Tours, Vancouver Tours, Vancouver Delights Tour, Vancouver Victoria, Guided Tours, Private Tours, Vancouver highlights, Tours Excursions, etc

STEP#9: Content Engineering for Vancouver Tourism Web Design

One of the most critical factors which can enhance the SEO of your local Vancouver tourism website is the duration each individual spends on your page. The longer the customers spend time on your tourism site, the higher your rank can go. To achieve this aim, you should produce your content in an attractive way for the tourists, whether domestic or not, who visit your website, and it gives them ample reasons to stay more.

Keywords are the main characters in promoting the SEO of a website, tourism in your case. Consequently, try to use a mixture of them, preferably the utmost searched ones, in your content so that your Vancouver tourism website would be visible to those audiences searching for particular tours or services.

Build trust among your visitors, whether local or not, by fulfilling all the needs they have regarding tourist attractions in Vancouver or some other related services like bus tours or ferry tours with affordable prices. Being trustworthy can result in the improvement of your tourism website's SEO in Vancouver.

As a tourism website, you should predict what your audiences need. As mentioned earlier, tourism is dynamic, and it changes every day; therefore, you must satisfy every need one might have to compete with your tourism website rivals. It would be best to answer all the possible questions they may have to visit your Vancouver tourism website. Therefore, they will end up coming back to your page or even introduce you to other customers. Some of the hypothetical questions that may occur to your audiences' minds are:
1. Where is the best to visit in Vancouver?
2. Where do we can stay the night in Vancouver?
3. What are the top activities we can do in Vancouver?
4. What and where are tourist attractions of Vancouver?
5. Where can we camp in Vancouver?
6. Is Vancouver accessible by ferry?
7. When is the best time to travel to Vancouver?
8. Which tours are the best to attend to explore Vancouver?
And so on…

FAQ about Tourism Web Design in Vancouver

We have six types of layouts: 
 1. Static Page Layout, Dynamic 
 2. Website Layout, 
 3. Fixed design Layout, 
 4. Responsive design Layout, 
 5. Liquid or Fluid design Layout, 
 6. Single page design Layout. 
 Based on your goals for web designing you may choose the best approach for your website. You can ask NOROCAN to help you accordingly.
If you need a website for content writing which rarely needs updating, it's best to choose a static page layout, for it has light coding and is easily accessed by the users. Also, its costs are merely affordable for every pocket. However, if you are looking to design an interacting website, it is best to choose the dynamic approach. Of course, professional web design companies like NOROCAN know all the methods; therefore, after you decide which way you want to select, try to consult them about your business and approach too.
Web design costs depends on several factors such as: 
-What approach you would select for your tourism website, 
-How much time you expect NOROCAN to complete your project, 
-Are you already a famous brand or not, and so on.. 
But, based on the estimations NOROCAN experts have done, the costs might be changing from 500$ to 5000$ for each project.
For NOROCAN, customers' will is always the priority; thus, we try to get along with what our customers want. However, based on the estimations made by our team, on average, each project would need six to eight weeks to be done. Of course, the speed of the procedure depends on the clients; Do you actively provide us with feedback? or How soon can you deliver your content? and, such factors determine the pace of completing your project.
While we love to work with local businesses, we are also eager to work with customers from all over Canada. NOROCAN team is ready to contact you via conference calls, video chats, and screen shares during our cooperation to stay in touch and receive feedback from you, beloved business owners.
NOROCAN with professional web designing approach and an expert team is ready to provide you with everything you desire throughout the web design process. So if you are looking for a company to design your tourism website professionally feel free to contact us!

To Wrap it Up!

In order to develop a strong Vancouver local tourism website, you would have to follow some simple but significantly critical steps:

1. Extract the relevant keywords that are the utmost searched in Google's search engine and utilize them wisely to rank your site correctly.

 2. Well-written URLs help users know better about the content. And sometimes they can be used as the anchor texts.

3. Write attractive headlines, for they are the very first thing that can grab your audiences' attention.

4. Meta descriptions are the means to make tour tourism website clickable, so, try to use keywords and searchable phrases wisely to enhance your visibility.

5. Giving internal and external links are two effective ways to enhance your tourism website credibility.

6. A very essential factor determining your Vancouver tourism website visibility is being mobile-friendly, because cell phones are handier and more accessible for users.
 7. Use colours to affect your audiences mentally and absorb them to spend more time reading on your website. To employ correctly read about colour psychology in related websites.

8. Surf the web and try to find successful tourism websites operating in Vancouver. Analyzing them might be inspiring for your own tourism web design.

9. Last but not least, try to produce relevant, attractive, and informative content to persuade your audiences to stay on your tourism website and prevent them from leaving your page immediately.

Consider all the above-mentioned factors to build your Vancouver tourism website grow fast and keep in mind that NOROCAN is here to ensure that for you. In case of having further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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