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We live in the 21st century, the age of technology and development. If you are a business owner in Vancouver looking for a way to improve your business, web design is the best solution. Stay with us to tell you how it is in Vancouver!

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Looking for Web Design in Vancouver? First, Let's See What it is!

As the name suggests, web design revolves around creating web pages we encounter on the Internet. Although it may seem simple and straightforward, the process behind it is far more intricate than its definition implies. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of web design, with a specific focus on Vancouver. Join us as we uncover all the essential aspects you should be aware of!
At its core, web design is a meticulous procedure through which a website is crafted to showcase various services, products, and content for online visibility. However, websites don't just magically appear out of thin air! A web designer plays a crucial role in conceptualizing and executing the website's design, making informed decisions about its appearance, framework, and, in some cases, content. Naturally, expecting a single individual to handle all aspects of professional web design is impractical. That's where web design teams come into play, comprising experts in various fields such as programming, graphic design, content writing, and more. If you're interested in learning about the key factors to consider when selecting an ideal web design company, be sure to explore our informative article on the subject.

Norocan is here to make you richer! As Christopher Dayagdag says, "We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS."

E-commerce Web Design in Vancouver

The trademarks of a successful eCommerce website include stunning design, straightforward navigation, and an easy-to-shop product list. Our eCommerce web design and development team will ensure your website stands out.
We are, however, more than just an eCommerce web design firm. We also specialize in eCommerce website marketing, and our custom-made Ecommerce websites are meant to be successful. We create dynamic, interactive websites that are user-friendly and optimized for conversion. A simple and user-friendly shopping cart with a robust set of sophisticated capabilities allows you to manage, alter, market effortlessly, and develop your eCommerce business while also providing your consumers with the quick and painless checkout they expect.

When a buyer adds products to their shopping cart but leaves before making a purchase, this is known as online abandonment. It's one of the most challenging things an internet shop may face. A solid e-commerce website necessitates several standard requirements. Many internet shops aren't established to earn a profit in mind. They may appear appealing, but they are not designed to convert visitors into customers. The essential purpose of e-Commerce websites should be understood clearly: your store must sell. Before your visitors decide and commit to a purchase, your e-commerce shop should clearly explain the benefits of your items and earn their trust.

Why Web Design is Important for Your Business

Imagine you own a well-known shoe store in Vancouver. You have customers from all around the city. Even you may have some customers coming from other cities in Canada, maybe once or twice a year, just because they are aware it is all worth it. Your store would never be empty of customers, and there would be lines of them waiting to purchase one or more pairs of shoes. Is it enough?
Let's ask it differently; is it enough to be known only locally? Is it enough to have like a million customers out of seven billion potential ones?
Well, if you consider yourself an ambitious person-just like me- being well-known locally doesn't satisfy your ambitions. We live in an era where everything is being done over black mirrors, especially in post-pandemic times. Provided that you are an ambitious and competitive business, owner-whatever the business is- it is a "MUST" to have a website. Google is not something only available in, let's say, Vancouver. It is something people globally are, whether making purchases or even making a living out of it. That is why you can promote your business both locally and internationally.
That was a simple example to clarify the importance of a website for every possible business. But let's get back to reason:
Many reasons can convince you to order a website immediately. We've already uploaded an article elaborating on 15 reasons why you need a website for your business that is available to gain more insight into this matter (i.e., why web design is essential)

Web Design Requests in Vancouver

Arbutus Ridge
Web Design Vancouver | E-C-V-5015

Gym Clothing & Streetwear Clothing

We need a professional website design with a focus on user-friendly UI and UX.
From 12,000 $ - 13,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Web Design Vancouver | E-C-V-5014

Online Shop for Electronics Gadgets in Vancouver

Prioritize mobile optimization to reach a broader audience and improve user satisfaction.
From 3,000 $ - 4,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
South Cambie
Ecommerce Website Vancouver | E-C-V-5013

Games and Puzzles for Kids in Vancouver

Implement SEO best practices to boost organic search visibility.
From 4,000 $ - 5,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Arbutus Ridge
Ecommerce Website Vancouver | E-C-V-5012

Toy Online Shop in Vancouver

Create a visually stunning online presence with custom graphic design elements.
From 6,000 $ - 7,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Educational Website Vancouver | Edu-V-5007

Textbooks and Academic Books

Our brand needs a website redesign with a strong emphasis on branding.
From 6,000 $ - 7,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Downtown Vancouver
Educational Website Vancouver | Edu-V-5006

Educational Publisher | Phonics, Literacy, Math, and More

Looking for a website developer to create high-converting landing pages.
From 6,000 $ - 7,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
West End
Web Design Vancouver | Edu-V-5005

Centre for Creative Education in Vancouver

Optimize conversion rates by refining the website's layout and content placement.
From 3,000 $ - 4,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Arbutus Ridge
Educational Website Vancouver | Edu-V-5004

Online Courses for Arts and Creative Education

Implement SEO best practices to boost organic search visibility.
From 4,000 $ - 5,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Web Design Vancouver | Edu-V-5003

Online Education for Health and Well-being

Infuse the website's graphic design elements with the brand's identity, creating a consistent and memorable visual language that resonates with visitors.
From 3,000 $ - 4,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Downtown Vancouver
Service Based Website in Vancouver | SW-V-4999

Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop in Vancouver

Our website should be equipped with live chat and chatbot features.
From 4,000 $ - 5,000 $
Submitted on: 04/17/2024
Web Design Vancouver | E-C-V-4995

Online Grocery Shop Near You

We need an attractive landing page to boost conversion rates.
From 8,000 $ - 9,000 $
Reserved on: 04/18/2024
Riley Park
Ecommerce Website Vancouver | E-C-V-4994

Vancouver Online Clothing Shop

Elevate my brand's online presence with a fresh web design and compelling copywriting.
From 8,000 $ - 9,000 $
Reserved on: 04/18/2024

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2 Types of Web Design, Adaptive & Responsive

Knowledge is empowering! When you plan to order a web design in Vancouver or wherever on the planet, you should first gain insight into web design and possible options to choose from and spend your money wisely. That is why we felt duty-bound to elaborate on two main types of web design and shed light on every aspect of it! Keep up!

1. Adaptive Web Design (AWD)

First history! In 2011, the idea of Adaptive web design AKA progressive enhancement of a website, was first brought to light by web designer Aaron Gustafson in his book "Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement." Now let's see what is it and how does it function?
AWD is designing a website in multiple versions, each responsive to a specific device (i.e., PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.). You can see the meaning, right?! If you choose AWD, your website will adapt itself to the platform with which the user has searched a particular keyword. it is the opposite of static pages, which looks exactly the same on every device, or single pages that organize the content based on the size of the "Black Mirror!" Creative Nah?!

2. Responsive Web Design (RDW)

It is all about utilizing HTML and CSS so the website can be enlarged or shrunk based on the device or platform the user uses to open that particular website. The web design procedure consists of a flexible layout and grid components, images that can resize immediately in case of changing the browser or the device, and intelligent use of CSS media queries. Let me give you an example to make it crystal clear! Imagine you've done a query with your PC or laptop. Safe and sound! But due to some reasons, you have to switch to your iPad or smartphone. If the web design approach of that website is responsive, its appearance with all the content and pages should accordingly resize to accommodate the latter device you used to search. Clear?
But how are these two different? The common thing between AWB and RWB is that both designs should resize according to the resolution or the screen size utilized. However, they are different since; in AWB, there should be distinct versions specifically designed for each platform or screen size (i.e., laptops or smartphones). On the other hand, in RWB, there is only one design. Still, the website can change accordingly when the platform and device are changed (i.e., laptop to iPad).

User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) is, in fact, the experience the users have regarding a specific website, product, or service. "UX's four key axes are Needs, Expectations, Attributes, and Capabilities. Therefore, it recognizes problems with user needs, applies motivation and expectations of users with expectation, and has society, culture, environment, faith, and information with user attributes. Capability refers to the limited service, immersion, and time and space margin of a particular user in a particular environment."

User Interface Design

User Interface (UI) is, in fact, the interaction between a given system (i.e., from computers and cellphones to application programs and content usage. Colours are one of the key factors that affect UI. As Heonsik Joo believes, "the UI is typographically represented using sharper colour palettes, duo-tones, and bold gradient colours." therefore, if you're looking for a way to improve the UI of your website, try to use sharp colours.

Revolutionary Design That Absorbs Every Online Audience in Vancouver

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Elements Related to the Website's Appearance


The font you use in the design of your website should be in harmony with your colour scheme, graphics, and images and strengthen the general tone of your website. Your font is one of the aesthetic factors that should complement the design of your website. The good news is that we can recommend some of the helpful apps you can use to choose the right font for your design. For example, Canva Font Combinator can help you select a suitable font. In addition, web design tools such as Page Cloud can give you a hand with a plethora of font pairs in its app.


I suppose everyone knows that each colour has its exclusive psychology. If you didn't realize it till this very moment, let me tell you that, yeah, colours can affect you mentally, and that is why having the right colour scheme matters in the web design process. Choose the colours I way to be in harmony with your web design, brand, and logo. If you want to know more about colour psychology to select colours wisely, PageCloud's article can help you.

Written Copy:

A website's appearance and content circulate like a piece of paper flying in the wind! Therefore, the content writers in your team must attempt to write the website's content coherently and relatively. For example, write the text chunk by chunk using text blocks to form an organization and help the site's overall design.

Images and Videos:

Looking for a way to convey your message in a fragment of seconds? Well, easy as a piece of cake! Use images GOD'S SAKE. Images and icons can be even more attractive than a simple paragraph. Imagine you want to make your point through a diagram. Which way do you think is more effective? Through a simple chart without any colours or an image with a beautiful design? Of course, excessive use of images can damage your website usability; the more photos (or animations in general), the slower the loading speed! Also, note that you should use images and icons relatively. For example, posting a flower image in the middle of a paragraph about web design is inappropriate. Videos can be a helping hand in cases where you cannot convey a message through simple texts. However, be careful while choosing your videos. Remember to select relative videos that don't distract your audience from other vital points of the website. Also, note that videos with large sizes may slow down the loading speed of your website, which of course, you should prevent from happening if you're looking for a functional website.


Spacing is one of the critical elements of web design, and provided that you integrate it correctly can positively draw attention. It covers all the spaces between lines and words. And even from the margins of the page. Let's exemplify to clarify! Take a call to action (CTA) as an example; the more the content of a CTA is placed in the centre, the more visitors are attracted to it. Also, like other visual elements of web design, excessive spacing applications may be harmful.

What Norocan Has to Offer Regarding Web Design in Vancouver?

1. Digital Marketing Services:

Have you ever considered how to multiply your customers in the cheapest way possible? For example, let's say you own a shoe store well-known enough in a single neighbourhood. If you want to be famous all around the city, maybe you're thinking, okay, I will order some billboards and install them in some crowded locations. Yeah, this may result well, but it will cost you an arm and a leg, even a whole body! Our digital marketing services will help you multiply your customers in the most cost-effective way possible. You can transform potential online visitors into actual customers. Besides, absorb lots of online long-distance attention. Norocan is here to guarantee that for you.

2. Web Design Services:

Your website is the online certificate of your business, especially in the post-pandemic era in which people are doing every damn thing online, even ordering a bottle of water! So if you are searching for the best web design services in Vancouver, Norocan is the company you're looking for!

3. Website Development and Technology Services:

I want to start my point with an example. Imagine entering a website, and it takes years to load. What would be the first thing you do? Of course, if you're sane enough, you will leave immediately. Well, that is why only web design doesn't matter, but web development is significant too. Norocan professional web developer is here to work on security, performance, and user experience in web development while keeping up your web pages' speed and elegant appearance.

4. SEO and Content Optimization Services:

Content is an essential element that can help you get a ranking and a place on the first page. But "content" is not all you need! Content writing has its tricks and rules. For example, the keywords you use to write your content or the place where you upload certain content. Integrating all these elements in your content is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Norocan team offers one of the best SEO services in Vancouver and is ready to work with enthusiasts looking for excellent SEO.

One of the ways through which you can make your website unique is through special and professional graphic design. Choose your web design team wisely and ask them professionally design the structure and the appearance of your website to be customized! Norocan and its amazingly professional graphic team can surprise you regarding the graphic design of your website.

Based on the statistics, nearly four million people are using social media. What can you get from this huge number? That's right, social media is operating as the heart of digital marketing today, and if integrated correctly, it can pound millions of customers to your website. Provided that you choose the right team, this functional element can help your business grow online fast. The Norocan expert team will provide you with this option.

One of the fastest ways you can represent your business to the people who might be interested in the services and products you provide is through Google Ads. Our expert team in Norocan dominates the tricks to get you on Google Ads, which can improve your website's visibility.

8. Content Marketing Services:

When people search for something on Google, they seek information or answers to the questions they have in their minds. Value is the most important thing you can offer your audience with engineered content that is the heart and soul of any campaign. Norocan content engineers create perfect content according to your exact requirement.

Our Technologies for Your Web Design in Vancouver

Are you looking for a web design company to design your website with the latest technologies? Well, you found the best possible! Norocan expert team will create your website with the newest and most up-to-date technology. If you want to gain more insight into our awesome technologies, check out the page we designed in this regard.

Web Design Cost in Vancouver

How much does a web design cost in Vancouver? Well, costs aren't something to be determined right away! They always depend on several factors. Everybody knows how priceless a well-built, optimized website is. However, if you're looking for such a site, you may have to disburse!
If you ask three web design companies in Vancouver about the cost of their web design and the related services, you will face three different prices. The costs can range from $1500 to over $20,000. But why is that? Well, it is highly related to the scope of what you expect the company to do for you:
- Whether you ask for a light redesign or not?
- Do you expect the company to provide your website with heavy SEO?
- Do you want to make your website from scratch?
- How often would you need your website to be renewed?
And the like! All of these factors can affect your web design costs. Therefore, you'd better take all of these into consideration in order to estimate the costs.

Now, Let's Make Your Idea Online!

Time is racing ahead; cast aside your doubt and embark on an unforgettable journey with Norocan, your ultimate adventure partner!

The Process Norocan Undertakes for Your Business Web Design in Vancouver

Our journey starts with understanding our client's needs and forming the foundation for planning. We strategize and create a roadmap to achieve their goals.

Our team crafts engaging content and captivating visual designs. Skilled developers code and program the website's elements. We seamlessly integrate content and ensure optimal functionality.
We conduct rigorous testing and value client feedback, making necessary adjustments for satisfaction. Once perfected, we proudly launch the client's website. We provide training for self-management and offer ongoing maintenance and support.

At Norocan, we create upgradable websites for optimal performance. Our expertise and portfolio attract visitors and drive conversions. We prioritize loyalty and responsibility, providing unparalleled support throughout the journey.

Why Norocan for Your Web Design in Vancouver?

Norocan Digital marketing company is a well-known and reliable company where you can find any digital marketing and online services you demand to expand your online sales and rank your website higher. Norocan gathers the best web developers, programmers, graphic designers, SEO developers, and content managers with over 20 years of experience.

Vancouver Web Design FAQs

A well-designed website can benefit your business in Vancouver by enhancing your online presence, credibility, and branding. It expands your customer reach, increases conversion rates, and provides cost-effective marketing opportunities. It facilitates customer support and engagement while offering valuable analytics and insights.
- Portfolio
- Expertise and Experience
- Services Offered
- Customization and Flexibility
- User Experience (UX) Design
- Responsive Design
- SEO-Friendly Design
- Communication and Collaboration
- Testimonials and References
- Pricing and Timelines
If you need a website for content writing which rarely needs updating, it's best to choose a static page layout, for it has light coding and is easily accessed by the users. Also, its costs are merely affordable for every pocket. However, if you want to design an interactive website, it is best to choose the dynamic approach. Of course, dedicated web design companies like Norocan know all the methods; therefore, after you decide which way to select, try to consult them about your business and approach too.
Web design costs depend on several factors, such as:
-What approach would you select for your tourism website,
-How much time do you expect Norocan to complete your project,
-Are you already a famous brand or not?
But, based on Norocan experts' estimations, the costs might change from $1500 to $20,000+ for each project.
For Norocan, customers' will is always the priority; thus, we try to get along with what our customers want. However, based on the estimations made by our team, on average, each project would need six to eight weeks to be done. Of course, the speed of the procedure depends on the clients; Do you actively provide us with feedback? Or How soon can you deliver your content? And such factors determine the pace of completing your project.
While we love to work with local businesses, we are also eager to work with customers from all over Canada. Norocan team is ready to contact you via conference calls, video chats, and screen shares during our cooperation to stay in touch and receive feedback from you, beloved business owners.
Norocan, with a professional web designing approach and an expert team, is ready to provide you with everything you desire throughout the web design process. So if you are looking for a company to design your website professionally, feel free to contact us!
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